Formatting External Drives Partition on ChromeOS

How to format external storage partition in Chromebook ChromeOS.

  1. Search and open Chromebook Recovery Utility.
  2. Click on the gear icon at the top right corner of the app, then select Erase recovery media.
  3. Just to make sure you're not formatting the wrong device, unplug and replug the external storage device. Watch for the storage device list for changes, then select the device that you want to format.
  4. Click Continue > Erase now > Done.
  5. Next, open My files, then reconnect your external storage device. You should now be able to format the device.
  6. Enter your preferred Drive name (should be less than 11 characters long) or leave it blank, then click Erase and Format

Installing FFmpeg on ChromeOS

How to install ffmpeg on chromeOS :

  1. Search and open Terminal.
  2. Open Linux penguin terminal.
  3. Enter command "sudo apt-get install ffmpeg".
  4. It will prompt for download confirmation (approx. 333MB), enter "Y" to start the download.
  5. Wait for the installation to finish and enter ffmpeg to check if ffmpeg has been successfully installed.

Taking Care of Chromebook Battery Health

How to take care of your Chromebook battery health (2 years of use review).

ChromeOS v124 Sticky/Persistent Notifications Stops Working

Notifications that require user interactions will stay on the screen until the user dismisses or picks an action. It's still working as of ChromeOS v123 and no longer working after updating to the v124 stable channel. 

I haven't found a way to restore its functionality.

ChromeOS v124 Desk Templates Temporarily Gone

Alongside the sticky notification issue, Desktop Templates are also disabled by default in the ChromeOS v124 stable channel.

Do not worry though, your existing desk templates are still there after re-enabling the feature.

DailyHeroes: Gamifying Real Life Task part 1 - Ratio Of Priority (ROP)

One of the challenges to gamify a real-life task is how to maintain the balance of progress.

"I spend 40% of my time in game development and 10% in learning music".

How can we make the above statement more closer to a fact rather than a rough estimation?

Web App Review: Squoosh - Image Optimizer and Compression Tool

Squoosh in an online tool for compressing image. Super useful for reducing the size of assets for web projects and design. Especially on Chromebook where you need to do most of the works by relying on web app.

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